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Turkey is one of the best countries in the world for investment in property. House prices in Turkey have been increasing rapidly, and property investors profit both selling and renting their properties. However, Turkish real estate law is so complicated that sometimes even local people cannot understand the legal terms related to the property and the municipality law. Indeed, Turkey has a very complicated property law, and the Turkish real estate law is being changed and updated regularly. Because of this fact, we recommend everyone who wishes to buy or sell property in Turkey to get professional legal support.

Property Fraud & Real Estate Scams

Property scams and property frauds have become common in some parts of Istanbul, particularly in the last decade. We recommend potential buyers to make market and price analysis before purchasing a real estate. Secondly, a title deed check by a real estate lawyer is a must for buyers. Thousands of foreign people have bought properties in Istanbul, as an investment. Because of the rising demand for new properties, builders and construction companies have started to sell properties before they begin to build their projects. As a result, property purchase agreements have become more important.

Title Deed (Tapu) Analysis

Tapu is a Turkish term that means “title” and issued by the TKGM. In Turkey, there is limited legal protection for real estate buyers (particularly for foreign buyers). Therefore, it is very critical to have a sale/purchase agreement with correctly worded conditions. We recommend that buyers should get a title deed check service from a property lawyer. As Turkish real estate lawyers, we check title deeds whether title deeds are clear and suitable for purchase or not. Firstly, we are checking if the ownership info is correct or not. Secondly, we check if there is a lien, hypothec, mortgage debt, or tax debt on title deeds. Lastly, we do research on related city plans and building licenses to ensure that there is no problem with the property.  We can complete title checks in one day, and we prepare a brief report about title deeds after all the appropriate checks are made. We can also provide legal support for buyers during the signing of a purchase agreement.

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  1. Alireza Eslami

    Good day
    I decided to buy a property in Istanbul to get Turkish citizenship.
    Please let me know how much you will charge me and which services you will provide.
    Thanks very much

    1. We provide our clients with obtaining residence permit and as well ass Turkish citizenship. If you contact us and give us more details about your inquiry you can information about our rates.

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