Atamer Law Firm is specialized in Turkish Criminal Law, criminal defense and cyber law. Our boutique law firm has been providing legal advice and defense services for almost 20 years for our clients from different countries. Our legal team members consist of English speaking Turkish lawyers, experienced criminal defense attorneys and cyber law experts.

"ius est ars boni et aequi" (the law is the art of goodness and equity)

Criminal Law

The primary expertise area of Atamer Law Firm is Turkish Criminal Law and as well as Turkish Criminal Procedure and criminal defense law. We have superior experience and practice in criminal law.

Criminal Defense

Atamer Law Firm is specialized in criminal law and criminal defense services. We have been providing representation and also criminal law defense services for our clients for more than 16 years.

Legal Consultation

Our criminal lawyers and defense attorneys are providing legal advice and consultation about criminal law, in-person in our office and as well as via phone and email.

Cyber Law

Atamer Law Firm is also expert in the field of Cyber Law that focuses on Internet regulations, cyber crimes, data protection, content removal issues.

Criminal Cases

Our criminal lawyers and defense attorneys have a vast knowledge and trial experience in representing and as well as defending our clients in criminal cases. 

English Speaking Turkish Lawyers

Atamer Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support and solutions for his clients. If you need legal advice about Turkish Criminal law or if you are under investigation or accused and looking for an English speaking Turkish lawyer please visit our contact page to get more info or to arrange an appointment.

Avukat İlker ATAMERIlker Atamer Attorney at Law

Click here to view the resume of Ilker Atamer and to learn more about the founder partner of Atamer Law Firm.