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dating romance scam

International Romance Scam

Romance Scams

Romance scam, or online dating scam is one of the most common cyber crimes in the last decade. This crime is committed over the internet against both mean and women. Scammers find victims through dating sites or social media applications such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram or Tinder. Instead of targeting people randomly, they choose victims by considering their jobs and financial situations. If they are convinced that the financial situation of the victim is good, the act of fraud begins. Some professional scammers do not act quickly, instead, they spend considerable time and effort to look credible and to persuade victims.  In some cases, scammers continue their connection with victims a few weeks, or even a few months and to gain their trust. After scammers gain enough trust, in the last stage, they start to ask for money in  different ways. 

Dating Scams

Another aspect of such romance scams is the use of fake profiles with fake photos.  In this respect, they create a fake social media profile with completely fake names and fake photos. They impress victims and gain their trust with fake photos and fabricated information. In some cases, when the victim realizes that she/he has been scammed, and stopped sendind money, blackmail crimes are also committed against victims. In other words, if they cannot get money by deceiving, they try to get money from victims by threatening.

Deceiving Victims by Fake Stories

the most common fake story is saying that “I have lot of money in the bank, but I can’t withdraw because of some reason”. Another scam version is cheating victims by fake stories, such as “stuck in the airport” story. They make up a story that while he was at the airport, another passenger put something in his luggage, then the police found an illegal item such as drugs in the luggage. Subsequently, the scammer says that he has been under detention and he needs considerable amount of money to hire a good lawyer. Another scammer may contact the victim and say that he is a lawyer. In some cases, scammers prepare fake attorney fee contracts or invoices to make the victim believe the story.

Another most common story is “the rich man needs urgent cash” story. The scammer says that he is a businessman, and he has substantial amount of money in a blocked bank account, and he need a few thousands dollars to unblock the money.Another similar story that scammers mostly use is telling victim that he is a rich businessman, and he spent his all cash to import some sort of products, but the products have been seized in the customs, as a result he needs cash money to take the prıodcots from the customs. There are many other types of stories like these ones. If the victims believes in these stories, new additional stories come up to continue to exploit the victim. Scammers receive money several times from each victim.

  • Make video calls, not just messaging, so you’re less likely to be fooled by unreal photos.
  • Keep in mind that photos or videos shown to you may be fake,
  • Never share nude videos or photos with people you meet online,
  • Do not give or reveal your private information to people you meet on the Internet,
  • Never send money to people you meet online, no matter what the reason is,
  • If you have been a victim of romance scam, consult an expert lawyer without losing time.

Legal Support for the Victims

If you think you are a victim of international romance (dating) scam, and if you transferred money to someone in Turkey or if the suspect is in Turkey, email us to get legal support from us. We can provide you with professional legal services to recover your money.

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  1. Hi
    My wife, now ex wife got scammed out of 37,500 usd from a guy in Turkey, Istanbul area,
    I have a copy of the wire banking information .
    Recover this money for my ex wife and you are entitled to your usual
    Email me for more details.

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