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Cyber Law

cyber law

Cyber Law

Atamer Law Firm is specialized in internet crimes and cyber crimes. Turkish Criminal Code has a special section implementing “cyber crimes”, from article 243 to article 245. However, cyber crimes are not limited to only those crime types and in addition to the subsection of those cyber crimes, Turkish Criminal Code has also other types of computer and internet related crimes in other sections, such as blackmail, sextortion, identity theft, etc. Atamer Law Firm has an expertise in Cyber Law and Internet Law. Our practice focuses on Internet regulations, cybercrimes, computer crimes, data protection, e-commerce, and internet content removal issues. The cybercrimes that we handle include:

The types of internet and computer crimes types we are specialized in are listed as follows:

  • Illegal computer access,
  • Unauthorized access to data processing system,
  • Destruction of computer or data processing system,
  • Editing or terminating data in a computer system,
  • Credit Card and debit card frauds,
  • Online blackmail,
  • Sextortion,
  • E-mail scams
  • Phishing
  • Skype scams and blackmail
  • Computer and Internet crimes
  • International romance scams
  • Gamble and bet crimes
  • Internet content removal
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