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Buying Property in Turkey


Buying property in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best countries in the world for investment in property. House prices in Turkey are always increasing rapidly and property investors profit both selling and renting their properties. However, buying a property is the most expensive transaction for most people and it essential for both buyers and sellers to get professional legal assistance before transaction and during buying/selling processes. Turkey has a complicated property law and it is being changed and updated regularly. Because of this fact, we recommend everyone who wishes to buy or sell property in Turkey to get professional legal support.

Sales and purchase contracts

Contracts are the main legal document and the basic evidence of buying or selling property process. The terms of contracts are very critical. Buyers may face serious legal problems or disputes in case of missing or incorrect terms in contracts.

Some construction companies, even big and famous ones,  use contracts that focused on only protecting the right of the seller. You had better get a legal service or at least consultation from a property lawyer before you sign any kind of contract or document.

Turkish Property Law have special contract formations so any contract prepared in a wrong format might be totally insufficient.

Warranties in sales contracts are very critical and in case of an defect in the property gives the buyer a contractual right to sue for damages if there is a breach of the warranty.

Termination of contract is another critical section of contracts. Generally and unfortunately, construction companies do not give buyers to terminate the contract in any condition while they are building or negotiating contracts. We highly recommend our clients to change those conditions before signing  contracts.

Transaction in property registration offices

Perhaps the most crucial part of buying property process is the signing the official contract in property registration office. In case of any missing or incorrect terms in contract may result severe legal problems. Therefore having a legal assistance is very important before buying a property and before signing any kind of contract related to property law.

 Ilker Atamer

Property Lawyer

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  1. Aber Mohammed

    We have paid a deposit for a property that we wanted to purchase in kepez however the street that we purchased the property in turns out to be an area where a lot of crime and robbery happens. Before paying deposit we have spoke to the real state agent and asked regarding problems in the area et cetera and he said no when we found out there is are we able to obtain a 5000 tl back

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