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Criminal Law


english speaking turkish criminal lawyer

Atamer Law Firm provides criminal defense representation in criminal cases cases involving particularly drug and drug-related crimes and computer and Internet crimes. We also provide legal support and solutions for suspects. You may contact us if you have been under investigation or accused of committing a crime. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers and defense attorneys represent and defense you during both investigation (pre-trial) and prosecution (hearings) processes.

Our criminal law expert staff have experience in a wide variety of criminal law matters including the following:

  • Pretrial Hearing
  • Criminal Trials
  • False Imprisonment
  • Violation of Immigration Law
  • Sex Offenses and Abuse
  • Drug Crimes, Possession, Distribution and Trafficing
  • Computer and Internet Crimes
  • Arrest & Jail Release
If you need Turkish criminal law information and advice you can contact us to schedule online or in-person consultation. If you are a victim of any crime and need legal support and an English speaking Turkish criminal lawyer who is specialized in Turkish Criminal Code, contact us.



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